A $25.00 yearly, per club donation will be collected for sanctioning purposes.  Note that only sanctioned clubs will be afforded the opportunity to post scores to the Scoreline, Regional, or Records pages. Funds will be used to cover both organizational expenses and discretionary items.

Donations should be in check form with a memo line entry of club’s name and the word “donation”.  Make check payable to Steve Ware (as designated Treasurer), and send to the following address:

Steve Ware
2404 E. Sky Creek Dr.
Green Valley, AZ 85614

Club Directory

DeSoto Gun Club – Arcadia, FL

No Photo Available
Sanctioned Through July 2022 Contact: Ron Z. Range 2347 NW Hwy 70 Arcadia FL 34266 Website: Airgunners Website Website: DeSoto Gun Club Home Page

We generally shoot Air rifle FIELD TARGET  or Air Rifle BENCH REST on the 2nd Sunday of each month. DeSoto Airgunners has been an active set of Airgun shooters and enthusiasts for over 12 years.   We are hosted within the DeSoto Gun Club, Inc, with facilities located in SouthWest Florida, outside Arcadia.