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United States Air Rifle Benchrest

Air Rifle Benchrest is a unique shooting experience, with sanctioned clubs throughout the United States offering fellowship and competition. Please see the Clubs page to find one near you, and if you are interested in listing a club, please send an email to the USARB Board of Directors.

Our site will be updated with news, scores and other information for those who participate in, or want to participate in, air rifle benchrest. So, use our website to learn and understand more about this precision shooting sport.

Your input for changes and improvements to this site are always welcome.

2019 USARB National Championship Scores

Due to a computer crash, the data from the match was lost. However, the top ten scores for each discipline have been recreated and are now posted under “Championships”.

Record Scores Upgrade

In the interest of establishing a consistent standard and fair comparison, the Record Scores page has been updated to now list only those scores which have been formally verified. Older non-verified scores, without any prejudice respecting their accuracy, have been transferred to a Record Scores Archive page for preservation and viewing.

Glossary of Terms

A glossary of terms used in the air rifle benchers sport has been added to the Resources page. Please click on “Resources” in the index header.

Scoring Plug Program

USARB has initiated a program to distribute two custom scoring plugs free of charge to sanctioned clubs that request them. The intent is to make tools available that we believe will promote better scoring practices and reliable outcomes.

Click here for details and ordering instructions.


A $25.00 yearly, per club donation will be collected for sanctioning purposes. See “Affiliated Clubs” page for detailed mailing information, and individual club listings for sanctioning status. Funds will be used to cover both organizational expenses and discretionary items.

Our Mission Statement

As a national organization, we will support and promote precision air rifle benchrest shooting in the United States in association with our international partners. We will provide proven rules, procedures, and resources that insure fair and relevant competition. We will promote participation through sanctioning of local, regional, and national competition events, while posting shooting results and records that highlight individual participation.

Above all, we want shooters to enjoy their precision shooting experience.

The Board of Directors

  • Joe Friedrich, Open Grove Air Rifle Oxnard, California
  • Ron Silveira, Wild River Air Rifle Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Bob Zimmerman, Houston Benchrest Group Houston, Texas
  • Craig Young, WRABF Executive Officer South Carolina