Target & Scoring

The target will be the international target. Scoring will be done by international rules.

Other highlights are:

Shooting is done oudoors at 25 meters.

Shooting is done indoors at 25 yards.

Pellets that touch the bullseye are scored as a 10 and pellets that “obliterate” the bullseye are scored as a “X”.

A perfect score would be 250-25X.

Scoring will be done by experienced scorers and no shooter should score their own targets. Scoring is to be done for .177, .20 and .22 calibers by using an approved .22 caliber (.224) gauge/plug. Targets should be printed on paper of at least 160 gsm weight or equivalent, our recommendation is for 175 gsm Vellum Bristol.


Procedure for USA Record Score Verification:


Target paper shall meet the minimum WRABF standard of 160 gram/square meter to be considered.


Three targets comprising the aggregate score, or any single target of 250-25x, shall each be signed and dated on the backside by the officiating Match Director and the Shooter.


Match Director shall email notification to Board of Directors ( of their scoring outcome to initiate the verification process.


Board of Directors will designate a Board member to perform subsequent review of score. This assignment should be delegated to a Board member in a region outside of the venue target was shot to avoid the appearance of bias.


Target(s) shall be packaged in protective full-size hard paper envelope or full-length cardboard tube, and mailed to the designated Board member for review. Proof of mailing shall be retained by Match Director in the advent of lost mailing. If targets are lost and proof of mailing is obtained by Board,
their scores will stand.


Board member shall enlist the help of two other experienced target scorers in their locale to help assess close and questionable calls. Minimal and judicious re-plugging of target will be permitted. No scoring notation will be added to the target; notation will instead be on a separate sheet for final consultation.


Final determination of a record score shall be based on the assessment of the reviewing Board member. The Board member will be responsible for informing the Match Director of the final determination, and directing USARB webmaster of any new record to be posted.


Match Director will be responsible for informing shooter of the final determination.