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United States Air Rifle Benchrest

With the first ever World Air Rifle Benchrest Championship completed in 2008, the 2011 World Championship held in South Carolina, and the 2014 National Championship held in Arizona now behind us and the 2015 World Championships in front of us, we updated this website in the interest of promoting this sport throughout the United States and the world. Your input for changes and improvements to this site are always welcome.

2015 USARB Nationals

The 2015 USARB Nationals were held September 11 through 13 in Oxnard, California.  The USARB thanks Joe Friedrich and those at the Open Grove Benchrest Club who worked so diligently to host this match and provide an excellent shooting experience.

Revised USA Production Class

USARB wishes to announce a significant revision of its USA Production rifle classification. Principally changed is the price limit, which has been increased to $1500, with scope no longer included as part of the limit. The Board of Directors has undertaken this revision in an effort to revive interest in an entry level class. This new version is on a 12-month trial basis to gauge support and participation by shooters. See Rules and Classes page for other minor changes and complete details.

New USA Spring Piston Class

USARB is pleased to announce the addition of USA Spring Piston rifle classification. Sanctioning is on a 12-month trial basis to gauge support and participation by shooters. Permanent sanctioning beyond the trial period will be based on visible participation by shooters as evidenced by club competition scores posted to USARB Scoreline page. Rules for this class were developed with the cooperation of a group of respected Match Directors interested in promoting the class. The Board of Directors wishes to convey its appreciation of all members of this Committee for their leadership, effort, and end product.

Introducing the Board of Directors:

  • Joe Friedrich, Open Grove Air Rifle Oxnard, California
  • Ron Silveira, Wild River Air Rifle Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Bob Zimmerman, Houston Benchrest Group Houston, Texas
  • Craig Young, WRABF Executive Officer South Carolina


For 2015, a $25.00 per year, per club donation will be collected for sanctioning purposes.  Request mailing information by posting webmaster via Contact page.  Funds will be used to cover both organizational expenses and discretionary items.

Our Mission Statement:

As an organization, we will support all air rifle benchrest competitions in association with our partners around the country and the rest of the world. Our site will be updated with news, scores and other information for those who participate in, or want to participate in, air rifle benchrest competitions. Please use our website to learn and understand more about this growing shooting sport.